Trade in Africa

Welcome to Trade In Africa – Our mission is to help You !

Our products and services are tailored to meet your requirements in the purification and treatment demands
of the 21St century,  taking into consideration the scarcity and decreasing availability of clean potable water.
Our varied customers are supported by installation teams that work throughout the African continent.

Our main focus includes the following products

We will help you source any product (so long as it is legal) large or small, viagra canada    into or out of Africa




Trade In Africa is an infrastructure development company with a strong focus storage & processing facilities for water, sewage, fertilizer, chemicals and the petrochemical industries.
We offer YOU turn key solutions covering all aspects from sourcing, design through to
installation implementation and operation.

Our target market is predominantly the African continent,
with mining and infra structure development in rural areas being the core of our business.
Our industry segments include the agricultural and farming community, general industry,
governments, mining companies, municipalities and the military together with emergency

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